Saturday, 23 July 2011

A truly Lovely House - Dim Sum

Am just back from testing out the new Chinese Dim Sum restaurant 'Lovely House' on Bellenden Road and it really lives up to its name! It's just been redecorated and opened last Monday.

The lunch menu is quite short, which I always think is a good sign, and is mainly Dim Sum. It was really good food, tasted really fresh and looked amazing (especially the Char Sui Bun) - they bring all kinds of dips and vinegars and it's really nicely presented. The restaurant is quite simple and not flashy, but perfect for lunch! The added bonus is that the owners are lovely too - and my baby took to the owner so much, she almost didn't want to leave. They amused her while we ate and brought her something to play with, and free ice-cream.

@jessevershed said on Twitter that there is no MSG in the food (except the sweet and sour)

Go now - there is a 10% discount on at the mo!  Although it's very reasonable anyway. Another excellent addition to the road.

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