Monday, 11 July 2011

Bellenden's Best...

I thought it might be nice to compile a little list of Bellenden Road's bests, although I may widen the area a bit! So, continuing my general adoration of Anderson and co. I'm going to nominate them for Best Coffee and Best Cake.

Best pint? Hmmm not sure, I do like the Victoria, but also the Montpellier... May defer this one to someone more expert. votes please. And I do realise there is also the Albert, but no idea what that is like. In fact, Hoopers on Ivanhoe Road could win this one.

Best shop, I think goes to Review. It's my 'always turn to' gift option. And has cards, and wrapping paper.

Best supper/ dinner.. Tricky. I had an amazing meal at Anderson's at their Wednesday night 'supper in the kitchen'. But if I go with them, this blog will be more like the Anderson appreciation society! Anyway, I can't ignore Ganapati, which is also lovely. Perhaps they should take this particular award?

Edited to add:

So the votes are coming in:

LucyMarianne says:
the dressmaker - "otherwise" - beautiful quality, great service, reasonable. Can't recommend them highly enough. 

Mem in Friends of Fabric - so kind and helpful, things very nicely finished

Chaz's - does women's hair too. Very good cutters, lovely colour, astonishingly reasonable. Really fun and friendly. I get lots of compliments about my hair, and can't imagine paying central London prices ever again...

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