Thursday, 7 July 2011

Somewhere that's green...

I have the Little Shop of Horrors in my head....  Anyway - I thought it might be good to talk about green places on and around Bellenden Road.

As as dog walker, I have visited most green places in the vicinity and actually we're really lucky around here.  We have big parks like Peckham Rye close by, but even closer there is Warwick Gardens and a couple of small green places too.

Warwick Gardens
This is a nice green place which has a fenced off dog free area, a children's playground and an open green part with a path running straight through it. Its often used as a cut through, so there is quite a lot of through traffic - such as people heading down to Peckham Rye Station and school children on their way to school. Dog walkers also use the park - but mostly that is early morning or early evening as it's quite good for a quick scamper. The fenced off part has a small football pitch and at the top there is a seating area. It can be found on Lyndhurst Way (one road back from Bellenden) just at the junction with Holly Grove.

There are currently plans for some more play equipment to be installed int he fenced off area of the gardens - more on that to come...

In September it hosts the Warwick Wingding - which is a local festival, with music, food, stalls etc.

Holly Grove Shrubbery
This is a small green place which starts at the junction of Holly Grove and Bellenden Road and runs along Holly Grove almost up to Rye Lane. It's not very exciting, just a footpath with trees either side - but it's always nice to have a bit more greenery..

There is another little green place but I can't remember the name of it - so you'll have to wait until I have checked!

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