Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Breakfasts on Bellenden Road

I've been thinking about breakfast today. Mainly because I like thinking about food - but also because I went for breakfast at Luca's on Lordship Lane this morning and it was totally disappointing. So I was thinking about the options Bellenden Road (and surrounding area) has for breakfast - and there are actually a few, and all of them good - depending what you want:

Crossroads Cafe - for your standard fry up etc.
Petitou - the BEST scrambled eggs on toast ever
Anderson & Co - have tried the yogurt/ granola thing which was excellent

Weekends have a few more brunch options - including the Montpellier and the Victoria Inn - think you can also get a croissant at Melange.

My personal breakfast obsession is eggs benedict - and you can definitely get that at the Victoria Inn and there is the added bonus that the dog can come in with us when we go there (Actually the dog can go in the Montpellier too).

Of course the final option is grab something from Payless (or the Caribbean bakery or somewhere) and eat it in the street... less appealing.

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