Friday, 29 July 2011

LoCo - London Comedy Film Festival in Peckham!

So this evening (Friday 29th July 2011) it's the kick off for Peckham screenings as part of the LoCo film festival, I took the following from their website:

"LoCo is proud to announce that we are curating a season of films to be shown at The Monpelier's Back Room Cinema in South London. The season starts on Friday 29th July and continues monthly.
First to be shown is Wes Anderson's 1998 classic 'Rushmore', space is limited to 30 seats and the screening is free!"
The event has a facebook page here

More detail about the festival:
"The LoCo London Comedy Film Festival is a major new film festival in the heart of London, launching officially January 26th-29th 2012.
LoCo’s mission is to bring fans and film-makers closer together to discover and inspire the world’s best comedy films.
Through screenings, education, outreach, curatorship and funding, we are bringing the best films to the broadest audience, and kick-starting a new generation of British comedy film talent."
The festival has a website here.

I haven't written about the Back Room Cinema yet - mainly because I haven't tried it, but I do think it's a lovely idea and I am fond of the Montpellier, so I hope it all goes well tonight.

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