Thursday, 21 July 2011

Street Market on Bellenden Road?

So I asked for any Bellenden Road related questions anyone wanted answering, in the hope that I can dig up answers - and this is the first:

@sathlondonshona writes, via twitter:
@BellendenBlog hello, is there any movement on the idea of a saturday market? I heard that from a shop keeper on the street.

I am starting to ask around, and nothing so far, but if anyone knows - let me know! It would be great if there was.


Edited to add - @carlosfandango_ says:
there used to be a small farmers Market outside the artspace shop (next to the fireplace shop) and also outside Petitiou.
I think a regular wknd farmer's Market would go down a storm. Maybe in one of the playgrounds or the Choumert Rd carpark?

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