Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Melange Chocolate shop is 3! and Chocolate week...

On Saturday 15th October, Melange chocolate shop on Bellenden Road will be 3! Hurray! This lovely anniversary coincides with Chocolate Week, so they will be celebrating at Melange from 12-2pm on 15th October with "Chocolate, Music & food from Cocoa growing African countries".

There is also a chocolate and wine evening on 13th Oct - which I have heard v good things about - info on that also on the Melange website.

5th Annual Bellenden Bun Fight - 9th Oct

I've just noticed that the 5th Annual Bellenden Bun Fight will be happening this Sunday, 9th October outside ~Review Bookshop (Corner of Bellenden/ Choumert Rd) . - Info:

Bellenden Bun Fight

This year's Classic Cake Competition will be The Best Carrot Cake and as always there will be a special prize for Best In Show. All winners and runners up will be awarded a prize.

Please drop off entries between 10am - 12pm.

Winners to be announced at 3.00pm followed by the cake sale (of any entries that have been donated to the event)

Entry forms and further info are available from Review.
£1 per entry is payable on the day. All proceeds raised will be donated to charity. Please contact us with nominations for this year's funds.

Exciting!  I would enter - but sadly can't this weekend, will try to check it out tho.

Monday, 22 August 2011

SE Forum gets Peckham area

The SE London forum www.southeastcentral.co.uk now has a Peckham area - so get on there and get talking!

Works on a shop on Bellenden

I've spotted building work going on in the shop next to Apollo Photocopiers - am wondering if this may be a new business?  Watch this space...

missing cats etc

Yesterday we saw one of the kittens on a missing cat poster (Marvin) ... But all of the posters have vanished.. so either the cat was no longer missing - but back home and just happened to be out without a collar? Or the posters have been ripped down? Anyway - I am hoping the former. But it did make me think about how many missing cat posters there are on and around Bellenden Rd. Have pointlessly mused on why this might be and come up with some options:

1) Loads and loads of cats - so some will always go missing, but it just seems like a lot
2) They are all choosing to live in the feral cat colony up in the choumert rd car park (gangs for cats)
3) There is a cat rustler (making cat pie  or a cat fur coat? Or just selling them on)
4) They are being 'got' by something like a fox (unlikely)

Anyway... am going to keep musing this...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Carve in the Community: 20th-28th Aug

If you fancy trying some stone carving, you can head down to Peckham Square (just by Peckham Pulse) for 'Carve in the Community' (d'you see what they did there... ) which is happening 20th - 28th Aug from 11-1pm then 2-5pm each day.  more here:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Choumert Rd Graffiti Art

The corner of Bellenden Rd and Choumert Rd is now sporting an exciting new summer look - in the form of some stencil graffiti art - look:

Turns out it is actually the cover of an album by Jehst - which is called The dragon of an Ordinary Family.

Anyway - I like it!