Monday, 22 August 2011

missing cats etc

Yesterday we saw one of the kittens on a missing cat poster (Marvin) ... But all of the posters have vanished.. so either the cat was no longer missing - but back home and just happened to be out without a collar? Or the posters have been ripped down? Anyway - I am hoping the former. But it did make me think about how many missing cat posters there are on and around Bellenden Rd. Have pointlessly mused on why this might be and come up with some options:

1) Loads and loads of cats - so some will always go missing, but it just seems like a lot
2) They are all choosing to live in the feral cat colony up in the choumert rd car park (gangs for cats)
3) There is a cat rustler (making cat pie  or a cat fur coat? Or just selling them on)
4) They are being 'got' by something like a fox (unlikely)

Anyway... am going to keep musing this...

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